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Things I would like to have known when I was 21 as a software engineer

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Dear 21-year-old self,

I hope you are as happy and excited as I was. You just finish your college degree and you must be ecstatic to start working as a software developer. I was in that state also when I was your age.

You are probably willing to take the first job that comes to you. My first advice is — don’t do that. There are plenty of opportunities in the job market. Don’t accept to work on a startup that does not have at least a senior developer that you can learn from. That was my number one mistake.

Take a look at how you could use the web framework expressJs with typescript

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If you are here I am assuming you already know what expressJs, javascript, node, and typescript are. I am also assuming that you have node and npm installed. So I will not go in deep about that.

In this article, we will go through the setup to get you started with expressJs with typescript. We also go into the details on what are the controllers, middleware, services, routes, etc.

Let’s get started!

Start new NPM project and install the dependencies

  • Create a new folder for your project, open your terminal, and type:
npm init

This command will ask you for some input. …

Find out what is TDD and how it works

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TDD stands for Test-Driven Development and is a technique bound to software development. Implies that tests should be written before the production code. It’s based on a short circle of repetitions, where for each functionality a test is previously created.

Aside from what is the traditional development model where you from requirements to design to coding to tests to delivery, in TDD you write the test before anything else. …

Look at 7 reasons why you should learn how to code

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It doesn't matter if you are a developer or the CEO of a company. Or even if you work in marketing or finances department. Knowing how to code is a great skill to have. Coding is more than just building software. Improves a lot of other skills that are relevant to be better at any job.

Learn how to program can teach you how to be better in other fields and can make you more agile and productive in your daily tasks. May help you find solutions for problems that you didn’t know to have.

“In some ways, programming is…

Learn how can you build a REST API for CRUD operations with rust and how it compares with other web frameworks

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Why Rust?

Rust has been around for about 5 years. Is a language that claims to be “memory-safety” and performs extremely fast. Is a multi-purpose language and comes with built-in functionality for command line, web assembly, networking, and embed applications.

What I want to achieve is to build a CRUD application for an items table. And in the end, compare the performance with an equivalent application built in PHP (lumen).

In the following steps, I am assuming that you already have Rust and Cargo (rustup) fully installed and running.

Migrations with diesel

Diesel is an extensible ORM and query builder for Rust. It’s a productive…


Rust has matured for 5 years. But is it ready to build web applications?

Rust programming language — are they web yet?
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Why use rust?

“Given our dependence on Rust, we need deep in-house Rust expertise, just as we have with Java and other foundational technologies,” said Matt Asay, an open-source exec at AWS.

Having his first stable release on 15 May 2015 Rust is a relatively new programming language. Rust has a similar syntax to C++ but can guarantee memory safety by using a borrow checker to validate references. Which means that it doesn't need a garbage collection.

The growing popularity of Rust is also notable. Since 2016 Rust is voted every year, in the StackOverflow developer survey, as the “most loved programming language”¹…

Put your website on Google first page by following a few steps

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I came across a few articles on how to get a blog post on Google’s front page. Then I start wondering how much effort and money was necessary to make a website, with a new domain, rank high on search engines. I choose to make a website with automatic information. With free data given from APIs so I didn’t have to feed the website writing a new post weekly. I aim to make a small effort, increase do domain authority, and make it to the front page.

Never thought to make money with it because of that, after I prove…

The TOP 5 programming languages that I think will trend in 2021


Today exists hundreds of programming languages. And the top (most used) can change along with the market demand because each year new trends and problems emerge. One language can be more suitable for a specific task and others could fit better in another. It is difficult to choose one language over another without knowing the context of the problem that will solve.

In my opinion, as long as the language solves your problem it doesn't matter which one you choose. …

Tech releases

See the new shine features that PHP 8 brings to you

See the new shine features that PHP 8 brings to you
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History of PHP

PHP wasn't always awesome like it is today. Back in the days, it was all messy and didn’t compare at all with strongly typed languages. But it was versatile enough to domain the web. Other languages rise and threaten the PHP domain in web application development. Right before PHP 7, many people believed that PHP was dead by now.

PHP 7 appears and changes everything making a huge performance improvement. Introducing types and other features. Now it’s time for PHP 8 to grow and continue the PHP legacy.

PHP 8 is a major upgrade to the popular dynamic language for…

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